79th leg: Sunday, July 03, 2005
EGNC to EGSL, Carlisle to Andrewsfield, U.K.
airport: Andrewsfield
2.1 hours

It was clear leaving Carlisle, then foggy, then clear, then foggy.

Passed over a city but I don't know what. If I had noted the code for the airport there behind me on the GPS I could have looked it up. There seem to be loads of airports in England. I looked up some other airports I passed and found out I was flying over Peterbourough, Wyton and Duxford.

Coming in to Andrewsfield. This used to be called Andrews Field and was a US airfield in WWII. Now it's just a couple grass strips but nice because they had the ends marked. Here's a link about Andrewsfield.
 80th leg: Monday, July 04, 2005
EGSL to EDDS, Andrewsfield to Stuttgart, Germany
airport: Stuttgart
3.4 hours

About to leave England. Flew over Belgium and (I think) Luxembourg on my way to Stuttgart.

Descending into the Stuttgart area. The airport would be off screen to the left, but probably not visible yet anyway. I was heading toward some VORs to line up the runway.

Landing at Stuttgart. Where's Jerome?

81st leg: Tuesday, July 05, 2005
EDDS to LFLU, Stuttgart, Germany to Valence, France
airport: Chabeuil
2.7 hours

Stuttgart airport in the background.

Had to fly over mountains, but the really big ones were off to the side. 

I'm pretty sure that is Geneva Switzerland on the far side of the lake.

A nice flat area to land in. That was a relief.

There seem to be several places in France called Valence, so this shows the one I'm at based on the coordinates.
82nd leg: Wednesday, July 06, 2005
LFLU to LEGE, Valence, France to Girona, Spain
airport: Girona
1.8 hours

A nice clear day to start out, but hit lots of bumpy air.

Almost to the coast.

It started to get foggy out over the Mediterranean.

The creepy part is when it's foggy over the land and there are mountains.

Girona link