67th leg: Thursday, June 16, 2005
CYMT to CYAH, Chibougamau to La Grande-4, Quebec
airport: La Grande-4
2.3 hours

It was raining again at first. Then it cleared up and then it got hazy.
 68th leg: Sunday, June 19, 2005
CYAH to CYAS, La Grande-4 to Kangirsuk, Quebec
airport: Kangirsuk
3.6 hours

Started at dawn. I had actually planned out this and the next two legs ahead of time instead of just looking at the map as I start and picking a place because there aren't very many airports up this far north.

Nice day, but kind of windy. Kept bumping me off course. I could actually see the clouds moving.

Another runway on top of a hill. 

69th leg: Thursday, June 23, 2005
CYAS to CYXP, Kangirsuk, Quebec to Pangnirtung, Nunavut
airport: Pangnirtung
4.5 hours

This one was kind of cool, until the end. First there was the moon setting.

Then I caught my first glimpse of some snow.

Later there was more snow. This was a pretty area. The bad part came right at the end. The terrain was NOT matching up with what was showing on my GPS. The airport was supposed to be at only 74 ft above sea level and located on a sort of river or inlet. The GPS showed my plane as being over some water but in reality I was still flying over a bunch of snowy hills and I didn't see any likely looking water anywhere nearby either. I was supposedly really close to the airport too. So I just cheated and pushed the "go to airport" button. I don't know if it was some kind of equipment failure or just an error in the terrain for the sim. So in reality I would probably be dead now or crash landed in some cold isolated spot. I wouldn't have had enough fuel to go anywhere else. 

 70th leg: Friday, June 24, 2005
CYXP to BGSF, Pangnirtung, Nunavut to Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland
airport: Kangerlussuaq
3.6 hours

Some very pretty scenery this time.

This time the terrain matched up and the airport was where it was supposed to be. The only bad thing on this one was the dog whining because he wanted to go out. He just had to wait until we landed.