59th leg: Friday, June 03, 2005
KMYR to KTDF, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Roxboro, North Carolina
airport: Person Co
1.6 hours

Started early in the morning. I like the long shadows. I decided to fly pretty much due north.

The thing in the middle looks like a power plant.

Flying over KTTA which is in Sanford, North Carolina.

It rained for part of the trip, which didn't make good pictures, but then it was just really foggy at Roxboro.

Jerome is from North Carolina. I think around Asheville, off on the left side of the map in the middle. Or maybe someplace else. I forget.

Link for Roxboro

 60th leg: Saturday, June 04, 2005
KTDF to 78N, Roxboro to Reidsville, North Carolina
(airport link says Stoneville, sim says Reidsville)
airport: Rockingham Co. Shiloh
.5 hours

This was more of a sightseeing leg to see the area near where Jerome grew up. It was foggy so I turned off the real weather so I could see better. Handy.

Jerome said that Stoneville was where he grew up. Asheville is a place where he owns a little bit of land. He said that the airport started as a grass strip used by drug smugglers. After the FBI shut it down for that purpose it was auctioned off and turned into a regular airport. He said they used to use a mule to pull the airport's antenna mast up and down into position.

 61st leg: Sunday, June 05, 2005
78N to KJYO, Reidsville (Stoneville) North Carolina to Leesburg, Virginia
airport: Leesburg Executive
1.7 hours

Soupy again. There were some hills so I climbed higher than I have been lately. 

I'm now pretty close to the same latitude where I started out from. 
Leesburg link
62nd leg: Tuesday, June 07, 2005
KJYO to KFIG, Leesburg, Virginia to Clearfield, Pennsylvania
airport: Clearfield-Lawrence
1.3 hours

Flew over a bunch of ridges. Most varied landscape I've seen in a long time. I was glad the weather was nice. I don't know if that real weather always works because the Weather Channel was showing a lot of storms in the east again. But that's okay. I was still happy the weather was nice.

There's the airport. I was just turning over some VOR things.Not doing it the
correct way. They just showed up on the GPS. But it works.

See that line extending up from the horizon up out of the picture?  There were lots
of tall antennas in this area. I was really glad the weather was nice.