43rd leg: Wednesday, May 18, 2005
SB1U to SNAB, Fazenda Bela Vista to Abaetetuba, Brazil
airport: Abaetetuba
2.5 hours

I started out around 4pm in the interest of having nicer light for pictures. I thought that snaky river was kind of cool. 

However, I got a little nervous as the sun got lower and lower and I still had quite a distance to cover.
It's autumn there and the days are shorter.

The sun had set completely by the time I got there. There were lights on at the airport though (not the lights in this picture -- those are just houses or something), BUT then I think they closed the airport before I got there because the lights went out! How rude! But I could still see the runway. Actually I don't think they really had lights at that airport -- it was just something in the sim that made it show up from a distance. Had a terrible landing and ran off the runway almost right away

 44th leg: Thursday, May 19, 2005
SNAB to SNCC, Abaetetuba to Calcoene, Brazil
airport: Calcoene
2.8 hours

Started in the early morning in a thunderstorm.

Never managed to get a picture of the lightning, but there was plenty of it.

It wasn't raining in Calcoene but the visibility was rotten. Had to do a bunch of turning to line up the runway but my landing was a shade better than the one last night.

A website about some people who rode a Harley-Davidson through Brazil, with pictures. They stopped in Calcoene.

 45th leg: Friday, May 20, 2005 (at work)
SNCC to SOCA Calcoene, Brazil to Cayenne, French Guiana
airport: Rochambeau
1.6 hours

I used my older version of the sim at work to do this leg. Had to keep pausing it.

It seemed like the old GPS made it easier for me to navigate to line up the runway.

It didn't take as many legs to get out of Brazil as I thought it would.

Here are some links with information and pictures about Cayenne or French Guiana:

 46th leg: Friday, May 20, 2005
SOCA to SMNI, Cayenne, French Guiana to New Nickerie, Suriname
airport:  Maj. Fernandes
2.7 hours

I hadn't seen many other planes in a while so it was kind of fun to see a few as I took off from this airport. I did two legs today.

After using the old and new sims on the same day, I really noticed the improvement in the clouds in the newer version.

My landing was pretty nice again. Maybe it's not the GPS -- more like how much maneuvering I have to do to come in straight. And luckily I got there before it got dark.

A link about Suriname