39th leg: Friday, May 13, 2005
SWME to SWNH, Mineiros to Aruana, Brazil
airport: Aruana
1.7 hours

Started shortly after dawn.

The river in the distance is the Rio Araguaia. I tried to find information about it but it was almost all in Spanish.


 40th leg: Saturday, May 14, 2005
SWNH to SWFX, Aruana to Sao Felix Do Araguaia, Brazil
airport: Sao Felix Do Araguaia
1.8 hours
(I'm not going to note that I cheat with time compression anymore. You can assume I do for most legs because I'm impatient. The 1.8 hours is how long it would take in real time. Today I also started my trip in the early afternoon and then paused it in mid-flight to go take a nap. I also left it flying on autopilot at one point and went in the back room to change my clothes. My plane is quite spacious with a bedroom and bath located behind the cockpit.

Today's trip followed the Rio Araguaia

The red arrows show where I started and ended up today. 
According to my map software where I track my route, I've gone 8,174 miles now.
Lots of information about Brazil here.
 41st leg: Sunday, May 15, 2005
SWFX to SNKE, Sao Felix to Santana Do Araguaia, Brazil
airport: Santana Do Araguaia
1.5 hours

Nice weather..

but lots of cloud cover over the airport.

I always park off the end of the runway, unless they have someplace better to park.
A website with some pictures of Brazil.
42nd leg: Monday, May 16, 2005
SNKE to SB1U, Santana Do Araguaia to Fazenda Bela Vista, Brazil
airport: Fazenda Bela Vista
1.8 hrs

I started before the sun was up today.

It was plenty light enough out by the time I had to land.

 Here's a website about Fazenda Bela Vista. I guess it's the same place.