scrapped 27th leg: Monday 3/11/2002
SPCL to SPHO, Pucallpa to Ayacucho, Peru
airport: Col Alfredo Mendivil Duartes

This leg didn't work out AT ALL for me! The mountains were too much for me and for the Cessna. I ended up using the "go to airport" feature to get to where I was trying to go to. But then I couldn't leave from there either! The altitude was too high; the air was too thin; the plane didn't have the umph to clear the mountains! I scrapped this leg and started over from Pucallpa and went somewhere else.
27th leg: Wednesday 3/13/2002
SPCL to SPTU, Pucallpa to Puerto Maldonado, Peru
airport: Padre Aldamiz
3.9 hours (cheated with time compression)
(it gets kind of boring flying along for hours and hours so the time compression is like flying my Cessna at the speed of a jet.)


28th leg: Sunday 3/17/2002
SPTU to SLTR, Puerto Maldonado, Peru to Trinidad, Bolivia
airport: Jorge Henrich
2.8 hours (cheated)
29th leg: Monday 3/18/2002
SLTR to SLVR, Trinidad to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
airport: Viru Viru Intl
2.1 hours (cheated)

This one was cool cause there was a thunderstorm. It was hard to get a screenshot with the lighting. Can you see it?
The thunder was great. Pretty spooky.


30th leg: Thursday 3/21/2002
SLVR to SGCO, Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Concepcion, Paraguay
airport: Teniente Col Carmalo Peralta
4.7 hours (cheat)

I stayed here for a few months.