23rd leg: Sunday 3/3/2002
MPMG to SKAD, Panama City, Panama to Acandi, Colombia
airport: Acandi (gravel)
1.5 hours

24th leg: Wednesday 3/6/2002
SKAD to SKMF, Acandi to Miraflores, Colombia
airport: Miraflores
6.5 hours (cheated with time compression)

I was going to go to SKSJ, San Jose del Guaviare but I couldn’t find the airport there! 
Also, had to start over because I crashed in mountains.


25th leg: Saturday 3/9/2002
SKMF to SPQT, Miraflores, Colombia to Iquitos, Peru
airport: Col Francisco Secada Vignetta
3.5 hours (cheated)
26th leg: Sunday 3/10/2002
SPQT to SPCL, Iquitos to Pucallpa, Peru
airport: David Abenzur Rengifo
2.7 hours (cheated)