13th leg: Monday1/21/2002
Acapulco to Oaxaca Mexico
airport: Xoxocatlian Intl
1.9 hours
I had a delay in Acapulco. I had to have my plane repaired after I tipped it over trying to turn around too fast on the runway to take off.

                              flying towards the rising moon

view out the window

I'd looked up the elevation for the airport at Oaxaca and it was 5013 so I set my autopilot for about 6500 feet. That wasn't enough. With the fog, it got kind of exciting to see some of the mountains looming up in front of me as I went along. I had to climb to nearly 10,000 feet.

It doesn't look like I'm going to make it over this one, does it? 

But I did. Barely

By the way, I've gone about 2,261 miles so far.

14th leg: Friday 1/25/2002
MMOX to MMIT, Oaxaca to Ixtepec
airport: Ixtepec
1.1 hrs